Acres Wild Farmstay

571, Upper Meanjee Estate,

Kannimariamman Kovil Street,

Coonoor  Tamil Nadu  643 101


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Dear Guests


Welcome to Acres Wild Farmstay!


Here are some tips & a guide to make your stay with us even more enjoyable!


Please do read through this so that you are familiar with how things work!


THE Owners


Mansoor and Tina are the property owners. If you have any problems please call Tina at – +91 86107-27897





Munna is manager in charge and will look to your needs

Mary helps with the cleaning of all Cottages.

Radha/ Murugesh run the kitchen, please let her know if you will are planning on eating here.


       Munna – 0-94426-63881

       Mary – 0-91594-55889

       Radha / Murugesh – 0-97512-33198


Munna & Mary are on the farm premise only from 10 am to 5 pm. Other hours please call Mansoor or Murugesh.


Taxi Service

The rates may be a bit older. I will try and keep updated. Please do check with all options mentioned below to suit your requirement.

Coimbatore Airport Drop or Pickup to Coonoor (General Rates)

Indica: Rs. 1,600

Indigo: Rs. 1,800

Ford Icon: same as Indigo

Innova: 2,500 Ac or Non AC

Taxi per day in and around Coonoor. Kindly check the rates directly with the taxi operators directly as this can vary a lot.

Option 1: Mr. Manohar

We suggest him often as he is very popular and reliable.

Mobile: +91 94430-78484.


Option 2: Joe

Someone who seems promising and may have more competitive rates.

Mobile: +91 94434-23595 / +91-98438-23595 / +91-94870-26269


Option 3: Mr. Prabhakar.

Strongly recommended by some visitors to our farm for his politness and helpful nature.

Mobile - +91 94430-85278.


Option 4: Kevin Travels

A new option. Courteous and punctual. Also have a 20 seater Swaraj Mazda mini van for larger groups.

Mr.Dinesh +91 94880-65722
Mr.Madhavan +91 98438-40412
Land line 0423-223-5413, 223-6668 from 9am to 7pm (except sundays)


Auto/Rickshaw Drivers Coonoor


1.   Rafique – 94891-37529

2.   William – 97875-55280 (Coonoor Auto Stand)

3.   Sathik  - 94864-16688

4.   Murli   - 98471-17653 (Sims Park Auto Stand)





1.     Coonoor Drug Stores

       Jograj Building, Bedford



2.     Fire & Ambulance Service

       101 / 0423 – 223-0101


3.     Government Lawley Hospital

       0423 – 223-1050


4.     Jain Navyuk Sangh Ambulance



5.     Nankem Hospital & Ambulance Service

       Rajaji Nagar, off Figure of 8 road, Coonoor

       0423 – 223-1550

       A private hospital with facilities to take care of any emergency.


6.     Dr Santosh Kumar  (GP)

       Lower Coonoor

       0423 – 223-3536

       Our Family Doctor.


7.     Dr Shinde   (GP)

       ISSU Bedford Coonoor

       0423 – 223-1423/ 0423 223-3695/94430-78391


8.     Dr George Titus & Dr Ruby Titus  (Dentist)

       Grays Hill Bedford Coonoor( Near ICICI Bank

       0423 – 223-4457/4266 279192/99655-15457

       Our Family dentist


9.     Dr Jayaprakash    (ENT)

       Woodlands TDK Road Lower Coonoor

       0423 – 223-1850




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Acres Wild Farmstay



Check in time: 12:00 pm

Check out time: 11:00 am


Guests should bring their own beverages and toiletries other than soap & shampoo.


Smoking is allowed on the patio and in the garden but not in the house.


Pets are not allowed on the beds or on the furniture.


Guests are requested to use the equipment, furniture, fittings etc with care. Any damages by guests will be charged for.


We may, at our own discretion and without liability or cost to ourselves at any time cancel or terminate the guest's booking in the event of illegal or incompatible behaviour of the guest, who shall in such circumstances not be entitled to any refund.



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1.             There are 2 rooms each in Cheddar  & Haloumi House and one in Colby cottage. Each room has a double bed. One extra mattress per room can be made available for an extra person as per our Tariff rules. Children under 10 may sleep with their parents on the double bed.


2.            The Sheets & Pillow Cases will have been changed for your stay and will normally be changed once a week during longer stays.        





1.       There is a bathroom attached to each bedroom.


2.       Each of the bathrooms has a shower and a solar water heating system that also serves as a geyser.       


3.            If the water is not hot enough then the geysers may be switched on 30 mins before you bathe and switched off when you finish.  The electricity supply is better during the day than in the evenings so the geysers work best in the morning! If there is any problem with the hot water please inform Munna/Mary/Radha / Mansoor and we will arrange hot water in a bucket.


4.            If you have not brought your own toiletries other than soap and shampoo you can buy them at any one of the grocery shops in Coonoor. Most brands are available here!      


5.       You will be given one bath towel per person and 2 hand towels per bathroom. For those staying for a longer period the towels will be changed once a week.



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1.         We may wash and iron your clothes for you for a small fee.  Clothes washing will take at least 24 hours.


Shirts / T-Shirts / Tops / Kurtas / Kameezes…….         35 each


Pants / Jeans / Shorts / Skirts / Pyjamas/Shalwars / Churidas…………………………………………………………………..                35 each


      Sarees…………………………………………………………………….                  75 each

      Saree Petticoats & Blouses………………….…………….                 25 each


            Nightdresses / Dressing Gowns /

Pyjama Suits / Dresses………………...…………………..                  50 each


Childrens Pants/ Jeans/ Shorts/ Skirts/ Pyjamas etc …          25 each


Babies clothes / underwear /socks……………                                   15 each

Baby towels /wraps etc ……………                                         25 each


All Clothes will be washed in the washing machine. Please make sure you give clothes which are “fast colour” and “washing machine safe”. We are not responsible for colour running onto other clothes. Please note that there is a minimum charge of 200 for running the washing machine if we do not have a full load (10 – 12 assorted items).


2.         There is a clothes line at the back of the house which you can use to dry your clothes / towels


3.         If you need shawls, sweaters, overcoats, suits or any large items laundered, you will have to take them to a laundry. There is one at Bedford called Faab Care.



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1        There is a fireplace in the Living Room of Cheddar & Haloumi House.  You can ask Munna to prepare it for you but you could please enjoy the pleasure of lighting it yourself!  The charges are 300/-  per fire.


2.       You can also ask him to set up a bonfire outside when you want to sit outdoors around a fire. The charge for this is 300/-


3.       We do have electric heaters which can be made available for a charge of Rs 300/- per night.





1.       There are wall & ceiling lights in every room and bathroom.


2.       In case the electricity goes off (as it sometimes does in hill stations!) there is an emergency torch in each bedroom.


4.       Please check where the Emergency Torch for your room is so that you are not at a loss if the lights go out.


5.       There are some candle stands & tea candles on the Living Room mantelpiece. You are most welcome to use them any time you like!


6.       There are exterior lights on the outside of the house. The switches are in the Bedroom (for the lights outside the bedroom) & Living Room for the lights in the verandah.


7.       There are lights for the path & stairs from the carpark down/up to the house. The switch for these is just outside the Verandah or outside the dining hall. Please switch off if not needed.


   Please switch off all lights when you are not in a particular area!


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Acres Wild Farmstay

Food Arrangements


1.        Meal Timings will be as follows:


       Breakfast         :      8:30 – 10:00 am

       Lunch              :      1:30 – 2:45 pm

       Dinner             :      8:00 – 9:30 pm


2.        Breakfast


One Breakfast per person per night of stay is complimentary. Any extra Breakfast will be 200/- per person including a cup of tea or coffee.


Tea milk and sugar are provided in the rooms for your use. Please feel free to make your own cup.  Bed tea/ evening tea will not be made by our staff. If you cannot make your own Tea/ Coffee, then, you can come to the dining room and Radha / Murugesh will be delighted to make it for you if they are free at the tea/ coffee prices mentioned below.


          Vegetarian breakfast includes Upma OR Potato Poha, OR Vermacelli OR Idli Sambar, Bread, Butter, Acres wild cheese, and homemade jam.


          Non-Veg Breakfast includes 1 egg of your choice, Bread, Butter, Acres Wild fresh cheese, and homemade jam.


3.        Meals : We have a fixed menu

Please inform us a day in advance as to whether you are going to have a meal with us.


Lunch or Dinner will be ₹400 /- per person per meal. Children 2 to 10 years of age will be charged 200/- per child


VEGETARIAN MEAL Includes :- Rice, Roti, Sambhar or Dal, 2 Vegetables, Curd, & Dessert.


OR Soup, garlic bread, salad, Bake and Dessert.



          Rice, Sambhar or Dal,  1 Vegetable, Chicken dish, Curd, & dessert.


          Tea/ Coffee per cup    ………….………………….…              40/-



4.       We provide Filtered Water for drinking. If you need bottled water or any other beverages you can buy them at any of the grocery stores.


5.       You are most welcome to store your drinks & provisions in the fridge.


6.        Meals are served in the Dining Room. If you are unable to make it to the dining room for a meal then you may come up to the dining room and take a tiffin Carrier down/up to your room. Please let Radha/Murugesh know your preference in advance.


7.        We do not provide room Service J.



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Here is a list of sources that we use:


1.       Aboo Fish – Stall No.05 Coonoor Market

          0423-223-4208 / 223-3647 / 0-94432-80941

This is where we buy our fish. Prawns, betki, red snapper, trout and lots of other exciting stuff!


2.       Baker’s Junction – Cedrik & Murli 27 Stanes School Road, Coonoor

          0423-222-2223/ 223-4149 / 0-94430-35551

We love doing our shopping here!  They have most things you could need. Toiletries, provisions, juices, eggs, breads, frozen foods incl. chicken & fish, and also fresh Fruit and vegetables in front. They also stock Acres Wild products.


3.       Coonoor Market – Lower Coonoor


Wonderfully quaint and a very manageable size. You get the freshest vegetables, fruit, meat & fish here! And whatever else you could possibly dream of. Parts of the market are shut on Fridays.


4.       Green Shop – Jograj Building, Bedford Circle, Upper Coonoor

          0423 -223-8412

Organic Food, Honey, Pottery, Handicrafts, Essential Oils, Garments, Books, CDs, Incense & Toys.


5.       Laxmi Narayan Stores – NKN Complex, Bedford, Coonoor

          0423 – 223-2394

When you cannot find something, LNS is bound to have it! There is also a decent mithai shop next to it.


6.       Mutton Shop No.15 – Coonoor Market

          0-98438-87102 / 0-98439-10160

This is where we buy our mutton. Excellent legs, mince, chops and pieces. The beef stalls are on the level above this in the market.


7.       Shanmugan Stores – Bedford Circle

They have most Groceries you could need. Toiletries, provisions, juices, eggs, breads, and icecreams  


8.    Star Vegetable Shop – Next to Shanmugan, Bedford, Coonoor


If you do not feel like going all the way down to Coonoor Market, you can shop here. He has a good range of vegetables.


9.       Tulsi Mall – 31 Mount Pleasant road, Lower Coonoor

          0423 – 220-7277 / 220-7377 / 220-6922

Fresh vegetables, fruits & groceries besides anything you could ever imagine. Get them to take you to their antique sections! They have two warehouses full of fascinating stuff…including a lot of enamel ware! They are shut on Tuesdays.


10.     Vijaya Stores – Coonoor Market


Provision store with a cold storage. Good place when you are in the market. The mutton stalls are just opposite them. There is also a shop that sells fresh coffee beans next door. Lot of fruit shops also nearby.


11.      Pony Craft Store –7/75 C, NH 67 Yellanhalli, The Niligiris, Tamil Nadu - 643243.


Lovely Shop next to The Cullinarium has all sorts of craft kits, knitting needles Crochet Hooks, wool Threads, beads etc etc etc. I could buy the whole shop !!!


Description: 086



1.    Caf้ Coffee Day – Grays Hill, Sims Park road, Bedford, Upper Coonoor


Part of the India-wide chain. Good espresso & cappuccino.



3.            Dragon – Bedford Circle Coonoor

0423-223-2158   Mobile – 94866-51310  94863-16661

Chinese,Tandoori & Indian. Good food but NOAMBIANCE. They do home deliveries!


4.            Green Fields Restaurant – Vivek Tourist Home, Upasi Rd Coonoor

0423-2232158   Mobile – 94866-51310  94863-16661

Multi Cuisine. Regular Indian and Chineese Fare.


5.            Hotel Blue Hills – Mount Road, Coonoor

0423 -223-1348 / 0423-223-0103

Simple but tasty food. Very nice fish curry, not much ambiance!


6.        Hyderabad Biryani House – Mount Pleasant Road Lower Coonoor


Newly opened in Coonoor. Haven’t been there yet so can’t say


7.            Kurunji – Commercial road, Ooty


For dosas & snacks. Amongst the oldest cafes in Ooty… on the main shopping street.


Very near by is King Star…famous with all the school kids for their chocolates & fudges. 


8.            La Belle Vie Restaurant – Mc Iver Villa Coonoor ( Wellington Road)


They have pastas, pizzas and some Indian call and make reservations.


9.            Jharoka – Bedford

     0423 – ###-####

Newly opened Run by dragon haven’t eaten here yet.


10.         Khane Khazana – Bedford


Newly opened in Bedford. Yet to try it.


11.      Mud Pie - Bedford


They have Pastries and bread and also Chaat, Pao Bhaji etc  pretty decent for Coonoor


12.         Open Kitchen Pizzeria and Deli – Stains School Road above JM Bakery, Bedford Coonoor


Stone baked Pizzas, Sandwiches soups and Desserts  Run by Priyak and Pixie, Yummy thin crust wholewheat pizzas and desserts made by friends in Coonoor Clean and nice.


13.         Orchid Square – opposite CMS, Brooklands Coonoor

0423-2238306 / 0-78680-36965

Indian, Chinese and Thai  Good food, but a little expensive Clean and nice. They also do home deliveries….again, Acres Wild might be too far


14.         Quality – Bedford


Known for its Kerala cuisine, this is a multi-cuisine restaurant. They have an interesting buffet lunch during the tourist seasons.


15.         Red Hills – Avalanchi


Avalanchi is 28km from Ooty. A vast stretch of undisturbed tropical forest with a lot of wildlife, especially ibex. Red Hills is run by an old couple who can give you lunch if you let them know you are coming.


16.         Shinkows – Commissioners road, Ooty


Probably the oldest Chinese restaurant in Ooty. Good wholesome fare! We always eat here when we go to Ooty.


17.         Sri Lakshmi – DVD Complex, TDK Pillai road, Lower Coonoor


Excellent South Indian vegetarian restaurant. Great value for money. Great filter coffee too!


18.         Sri Ramchandra Lunch Home – Coonoor Market, Lower Coonoor


Excellent South Indian restaurant. Great value for money. Stuffed Parathas Biryani etc. Great filter coffee too!


19.         Taj Dining Room – Taj Garden Retreat, Church road

0423-223-0021 / 223-0531 / 223-4141

Multi cuisine restaurant. Normal 5 star fare.


20.      Tandoor Hut – Bedford Coonoor


Newly opened in Bedford. They have tandoori, and Wraps but only in the evenings..


21.      The Cullinarium – Ketti, Coonoor OOty Road opp Pony Needles


Newly opened in Ketti. Owned by Pony Needles. They have Continental, Breads and Desserts



22.      Venkys Restaurant– Coonoor OOty Road opp Railway Stations


0423 – 2236740

Good Vegetarian food at reasonable rates.


Description: 086



1.    Big Shop – Commercial Road, Ooty

          0423 – 2444136

Besides a whole range of products, they have great jewelry! Worth checking out.


2.    Mohan  Store – Commissioners Road, Ooty

          0423 – 2442376

Lots of beautiful old & new things for the house. Remember not to go to Ooty on a Thursday as most shops are shut.


3.    Needle Craft – Erin Villa, Singara Estate Road, Coonoor


Beautiful and expensive embroidered stuff. Lovely drive to the place. Beautiful garden. Well worth a visit.


You also get embroidered stuff at ISSU at Bedford. Check it out.


4.    Rose and Teak – Commissioners Road, Ooty

          0423 – 2442376

Sells beautiful antique furniture. Is owned by Mohan Store. Go to their warehouse. It is quite stunning.


5.    Sree Guru Ragavendra Antiques – Jothimani Complex,    Aruvankadu

          0-94434 62155

Sells Tanjore paintings & antique furniture. Is on the way to Ooty if you take the normal route. Phone and let him know you are coming or you may find the shop shut.


6.    The Transcultural Mission Coonoor.

Mobile: +91 96263-43774

This is conducted by Pamila Alves for local women to learn and make various kinds of embroidery for sale. Rates are very reasonable.


7.    Tulsi Mall – 31 Mount Pleasant Road, Lower Coonoor

          0423 – 2207277 / 2207377 / 2206922

You have to see this place to believe it! There is nothing that it does not have except for non-vegetarian food! It is run by a Marwari family headed by Shantilal and ably   assisted by brothers, cousins, sons & nephews!  There is Kamal, Uttam, Sidharth, & Sunil to name a few. They really treat us as family. Most of what you see in the house is from Tulsi Mall!


8.    Variety Hall Agencies / Sweet Children – Near Market, Lower Coonoor


Just next to Sri Lakshmi, our favourite thali place. Wonderful sarees and materials! Sweet children has winter wear, gents, ladies and childrens clothing.


9.    Vriksh – Primrose Building, Church Road, Bedford, Upper           Coonoor

          0423 – 2221413 / 2221730

Very lovely antique furniture & knick-knacks for the house. Owned by a friend of ours, Kirit Rajpal.


10.   Vishal Marketing – G-19, ISSU Building, Bedford Circle, Upper Coonoor


Lovely Nilgiri tea, spices and oils. The owner Mr Devraj very kindly explains about the different teas and helps in Description: 086selecting the right one for you. His spices are also very good quality.



Acres Wild Farmstay



1.     At Acres Wild Farmstay there are a whole lot of board games and Carrom  and foosball in The Club House Also several decks of cards! 


There is also a good collection of books for those who like to read.


We also have a baby billiards table.


2.     Coonoor Club – Near Sims Park, Coonoor


You have to be affiliated to the club to be able to use its facilities. They have badminton, tennis & snooker. They also have a card room for Bridge playing addicts!



3.     Highfield Tea Factory

            0 – 9095567811

You can take a tour of the tea factory and buy all your spices there!


4.     Homedale Tea Factory also has tours and tea tasting. Call Prashanth for an appointment.


5.     Jacaranda Spa & Salon – Coral Gables Inn, Coonoor Club Road, Coonoor.

            0423 – 2232561 / +91 9442289565

Spa Pedicure & Manicure and the massage chair you sit on is brilliant! Going to try the head & shoulder massage one of these days. They do many other types of massages, reflexology, hair cuts, shampoos, facials and other spa & salon stuff.


6.    K – Holistic Spa – Figure of 8 Road, Opp Vivek Tourist Home, Coonoor.

       +91 98402 08735

Run by Kayoko Rozario -She is a Japaneese lady, a friend of ours who gives excellent massages, pedicures and facials. You will have to call her and make an appointment. I  recommended this highly. Swedish massages, aroma therapy, reflexology mmmmmm.


7,    Naturals Unisex Spa and Saloon -  Grays Hill Coonoor


Newly opened by the Naturals Chain


8.        Lemon Tree Spa - Opposite UPASI Coonoor



9.      Lending Library – Bharatiya Vidhya Bhavan, Veema Complex, Mount Road, Coonoor.

             0-94426 31958

            It is closed on Mondays.


10.   Light & Life Academy – Gandhipet, Kollimallai Road, Lovedale, Ooty.

            0423 – 517370

Anuradha & Iqbal Mohamed run courses in photography.


11.   Ooty Gymkhana Club – Golf Links Road, Ooty.

            0423 – 2442254 / 2448497

You are required to bring your own golf kit and must have knowledge of the game. There is a dress code to be adhered to and you must make a reservation.


12.   Wellington Gymkhana Club – Wellington

       0423 – 2202040

You are required to bring your own golf kit and must have knowledge of the game. There is a dress code & club rules to be adhered to and you must make a reservation.


13.   Yoga Body Mind Workshop – Shangri-la, Brooklands, Coonoor.

            0 – 98943 58545 / 94436 05588

Run by Vinod Kumar & his Japanese wife. They also do Reiki.

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Acres Wild Farmstay



1.    Acres Wild Check out our website Or call Mansoor (+91 94432 32621) to book yourself a tour. 


2.    Avalanchi – with its breathtaking scenery is 28km from Ooty. Wildlife, especially ibex, can be seen in the vast stretches of undisturbed tropical forests.


Avalanchi supposedly got its name from a huge landslide in 1824 when there were eight days of non-stop rain, thunder & winds.


There is a hotel called Red Hills in Avalanchi run by an old couple who can give you lunch if you let them know you are coming.


3.    Botanical Gardens – in Ooty. Was established over 150 years ago. It is set amidst a sprawling area of 55 acres and has a wide variety of plants & trees with well manicured lawns on all sides.


4.    Doddabetta – at a height of 2623m, it is the highest peak in the Nilgiris with breathtaking scenery all around. There is even a telescope to look through. The charm of the place has been somewhat eroded in recent years due to the stores that have sprung up around the area.


There is a lovely scenic road that connects Kotagiri with Ooty, which branches off to Doddabetta. It is lengthier than the normal route to Ooty but since there is very little traffic on this road, it does not take much longer!  


5.    Dolphin’s Nose or Mookumalai (mooku meaning nose & malai meaning mountain in Tamil) – is the last stop on the road connecting Lamb’s Rock & Lady Canning Seat.


You go through narrow winding roads with tea bushes on either side, mist filled valleys below and bright sunshine above, to get to Dolphin’s Nose. A promontory over the Kotagiri Valley from which Catherine Falls (which is a splendid waterfall or a small trickle

Acres Wild Farmstay



depending on how much rain has fallen) and the Coonoor & Kotagiri streams can be seen merging to form the Bhavani River. 


6.    Hulikal Droog (huli = tiger; kal = stone; droog = fort in Kannada) – is a precipitous bluff with a 4000ft drop at the very end of the range extending to Coonoor. This perpendicular drop to the Mettupalayam & Coimbatore plains is awe inspiring.


Go through the Nonsuch Tea Estate (about 5 km from Coonoor) and you will come to the ruins of this old sixteenth century fortress said to have been used by Tippu Sultan as an outpost.


Go in a group as it is quite lonely at the fort and there are bison! You may have to walk the last bit up to the fort as the road is not motorable.


7.    Lady Canning Seat – is just a little further down the road connecting Lamb’s Rock with Dolphin’s Nose.


It is named for the then Viceroy’s wife who loved the place and stayed in the hotel built on the edge of the ravine in 1858. She used to ride, walk, sketch and study botany.

It has beautiful views of Lamb’s Rock, Hulikal Droog and Lampton’s Peak (in Coimbatore District) one above the other.


8.    Lamb’s Rock – with a breathtaking view of the plains, Lamb’s Rock is believed to be named after one Captain Lamb who was instrumental in making a path to this spot.


Lamb’s Rock is on the way to Dolphin’s Nose. It is approximately 6 kms from Coonoor.


9.    Law’s Falls – Situated by the road connecting Mettupalayam with Coonoor, these falls are named after Col G V Law who helped complete the ghat road and is an incredible sight to see especially after the rains.


Acres Wild Farmstay



10.   Masinagudi & Mudumalai Wildlife Sanctuaries – part of the    Nilgiris Biosphere Reserve.


Masinagudi is 13 km northwest of Ooty as the crow flies. It has two lovely places to have lunch & a swim - Jungle    Hut & Jungle Retreat. You can also go on a safari to see the wild life. You have to book ahead.


Mudumalai becomes the Bandipur Sanctuary on the Karnataka border. You can book a safari from Ooty at the Tourist Office. You can almost be sure of seeing bison, elephants, peacocks, wild boar, chital, sambar, barking deer, porcupines, squirrels & of course…monkeys.   


11.   Ooty Lake – a man made lake that spans a distance of about 2 km. Boats are available on hire at the lake.


12.   Pykara Dam & Waterfalls – is 19km from Ooty railway station. Great picnic spot. Paddle & motor boats are available for a refundable deposit.


13.   Rallia Dam – Off the Kotagiri road at Betatti. The dam’s foundation was laid in 1935 and it was inaugurated in 1941.


Rallia Dam is the main source of water supply to Coonoor. It is a charming, peaceful place, quite nice for a picnic! A number of scenes from the film Roja were shot here.


14.   Sims Park – in Coonoor. Set amidst 12.14 hectares of lush greenery, this park was established in 1874. The garden has over 1200 species of plants and over 200 varieties of roses.


15.   Wellington – is the cantonment area and is devoted almost entirely to the military. It is well known for its Defence Services Staff College, the only one of its kind in Asia. Also the Madras Regimental Centre.


The Wellington Gymkhana Club has a very interesting and          challenging golf course.


16.   If you are the adventurous type and like to go trekking you can contact Mr Sultan Mubarak

 0 994  38 3380 Work

0984 31 36512 Mob

Address : Upper Coonoor Auto Stand, Bedford




Mr Kingsley

965 55 61461



17.     Bird Watching Guide: Mr. Sivalingam who is a guide for bird-watching. His mobile 94865-30021



Description: 086




Acres Wild Farmstay




Take the Mysore Highway through Gudulur, Masinagudi  and on to Ooty. You can also take a short cut through Gundulpet up the ghats.


Once you get to Ooty take the Coonoor road till you get to coonoor Town. Soon after the railway station take a left and


****cross over the railway crossing. Take the road past the bus depot. Pass the firestation then a few yards down the road take the right fork with a sign that says KANNI MARRIAMMAN KOVIL STREET. Go down this little lane till you pass a Masjid and a Mandir. Continue further till you cross a little bridge. Here there are 3 roads. Take the left most road going up. (there is a Yellow sign at this point saying ACRES WILD) The road will go up and then come winding down a couple of hairpin bends. Cross a house called New Place!! continue down till you see another Acres Wild sign pointing right. Take this road and stop at the car park. ***


Approximate Time: 6 – 8 hours depending on traffic.



Take the Coimbatore - Coonoor Road via Mettupalayam.  At Coonoor Junction turn right over the railway crossing and follow directions from **** as shown above


Approximate Time: 2 – 2.5 hours from Coimbatore Airport to Acres Wild Farmstay.



There are buses running from Bangalore, Mysore, Mettupalayam & Coimbatore to Coonoor.


From Coonoor Bus Station take a taxi or auto. It is a only 2 km from the bus stand.


Approximate Time: 10 mins from Coonoor Bus Station to Acres Wild Farmstay. An taxi should cost you 200. An autoRs 100/-

Acres Wild Farmstay




You can catch The Nilgiri Passenger, the toy train that leaves from Mettupalayam and gets you to Coonoor Railway Station.


From here take a taxi/ auto. Follow the direction above.


Approximate Time: 15 mins from Coonoor Railway Station to Acres Wild Farmstay. A taxi should cost you Rs.200.


 Description: Directions to Acres Wild Farm


Description: 086Enjoy your visit and do come again!