As in reality, the best players in the game are very expensive. Acquiring a Cristiano Ronaldo or a Paul Pogba is not an easy thing. So it takes a lot of time to raise the necessary credits or a lot of luck to find them in a pack. And even so, putting all the best players in the world on a team does not guarantee, far from it, victory.

Indeed, the heart of FIFA 18 free coins in ultimate team is the collective agreement. For your team to give the best of itself, even a little more, it is necessary that the players who compose it have a link between them. A link is created when two players have the same nationality, belong to the same club or participate in the same championship. If you do not respect this, players will see their ratings drop. How can you say that it is a risk that few players take ...

What's new on FIFA 17 Ultimate Team?

EA SPORTS innovates this year and offers two new game modes that will delight team building fans and hardcore gamers.

  • Team building challenges
To understand this novelty, we must first know that we do not really play in this mode of play with free points in fifa 18. There are no matches. It's about creating a team based on specific criteria to win a challenge that will earn you rewards. Thus, a challenge requires you to create a team with eleven players from your club, two nationalities maximum and 60% collective agreement. The small subtlety is that the players you will line up to win the challenge will be lost forever. The idea behind this is to retrain the useless players of his club while recovering some credits throughout the year. Indeed, EA SPORTS has already announced that challenges will be proposed regularly.

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