EA really wants your money. Thatís the overwhelming feeling you get playing FIFA 16. If that seems harsh, let me clarify: the latest annual iteration of the best-selling football sim is, without doubt, its best ever. It is a polished, thrilling and yes, beautiful game. But still, it's hard not to come away without feeling like youíre being fleeced.
No new iteration of FIFA is really "new", each game being more a bundle of tiny tweaks and additions rather than a wholesale overhaul. FIFA 16 is another step in this slow evolution. The two major additions this year are the addition of womenís national teams, and a new mode, FIFA Ultimate Team Draft (on which more later). fifa mobile unlimited points hack

Clearly, the most important aspect of any football game is how it plays -- and FIFA 16 is a joy. EA has clearly paid attention to the flaws of last yearís game, which over-valued pace and lofted through balls. FIFA 16 is a slower, more skillful and tactical game. In particular, play is transformed by the addition of driven passes: hold a shoulder button to ping a ground ball at full power across the turf. The new option makes possession play much more satisfying -- youíll soon be spreading play across your back line like Barcelona -- while being counterbalanced by the risk of the receiving player miscontrolling the ball and losing possession. Crossing too is improved, as are defensive interceptions. The result is immediate: world-class passers like Andres Iniesta or David Silva finally feel menacing for their vision and touch, while League 2 teams require a less refined approach.
This is complimented by 'no touch control', the ability to dodge and body feint with the left bumper, which when combined with existing dribbling mechanics allows great players to dance and weave through crowds of defenders more realistically than ever. If a crude way to gauge the success of any football game is how superior Leo Messi feels compared to a regular player, then FIFA 16 is the best Messi simulator yet.

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